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We selectively breed for packing llamas.

Our 27th year packing with llamas.

We provide support for
new llama owners.

After 27 years in the llama business, we are getting ready to retire. This means we are rounding up a small group of llamas to keep for long pack trips in our retirement. Also staying with us are our retired packers and retired breeding females. They are part of our family and will stay with us until the end.

All the rest of our llamas are for sale. This includes our herd of breeding females. These are girls we selected out of our own production to pair up with our pack stud, Zorro. These are the best of the best in our eyes. They are all in their prime producing years at five and six years old.

Also for sale are a handful of young boys destined to be pack llamas or pack studs and a few young girls with pack llama or breeding potential.

These llamas represent nearly three decades of selecting and breeding for pack llamas.

Please have a look. We are willing to consider all offers. We will be very flexible on price with multiple llama purchases because we like the idea of our llamas being able to stay together with their friends.

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Incident at Mather Pass

It was still frosty and cold as we began our climb up the mountain toward the pass. Though we were working hard in the thin air as we made our way upward, we were not getting too hot. We kept on a layer or two.

Pretty soon we were following a zigzag of switch backs up the steepest part of the climb. There were occasional snow patches that obliterated the trail. Sometimes it was difficult to pick out where the trail continued. There was no vegetation, only the rocky rubble of the steep talus slope and snow. Then we came to the big one, the big snow chute. read more...

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Packing Tips - Packing and Loading Panniers

Using a Rain Fly: Lay rain fly centered over the load. Tie or clip down corners of the rain fly to the panniers. Be sure to utilize additional mean besides the rain fly to keep important items dry (ie: line the pannier with a plastic garbage bag). While panniers may be constructed of water proof or water resistant materials, they seldom keep their contents dry in a steady rain or downpour. read more...

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